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Meet Scott

In May of 1999 I was home from school, working for the summer. A friend invited me to a volleyball game in a neighboring town, it sounded fun so I decided to go. At the game my attention turned to Kristi Rappleye. I asked her out and lucky for me she said, "Yes." We had a wonderful summer together. I knew she was the one for me and I proposed to Kristi the day before Thanksgiving and lucky for me she said, "YES!" A few days before the wedding I was in a car accident and on my wedding day I got a flat tire. We married in the spring supported by our wonderful friends and family who drove through a horrible blizzard just to attend. It was a rough start but it was perfect for us. To this day it is one of the happiest memories of my life.

In 2005 we were deciding on a place to raise our family. I had interviews for jobs in Nebraska and Utah. We left the interview in Nebraska and drove west arriving in Heber in the late afternoon, an autumn rainstorm having just passed through the valley. The dark clouds were starting to part, the North Fields were expansive, green, and glistened with the recent rainfall. The sun peeked through the clouds over Timpanogos as we came down the hill on highway 40. Right then we knew this is where we needed to be and decided at that moment to make Heber our home. We would raise our family here and become part of the community. Serving our neighbors and making friends.

Kristi and I were blessed with our first child, a baby boy, in March 2006 the same year we moved into our new home. Instead of taking the jobs I applied for I started a financial advisory practice. To be more involved in the community I joined the Rotary Club and I have been a member ever since. I was selected to serve as the Club president in 2011. Soon we had 2 more children, daughters, and our family became more involved in the Heber valley. I enjoyed serving in the Rotary Club and looked for other ways to serve in the community. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Member of the Board of Adjustment for Heber City

  • Member of the Trustee Board for the Heber Valley Hospital

  • Wasatch Community Foundation for 12 years and current board member

  • Member of the Airport Advisory Board

I have never felt more at home than I do in this community. Heber will be our home forever. We love the views and the open space. Most importantly the people that make up the soul of Heber City, our friends and neighbors, mean the world to Kristi and me.

We didn't just move to Heber City;

We built a life here.

D Scott Phillips

In 2007 I sat in a meeting called the Heber Valley 2020 Summit. During that meeting I looked out of the windows from UVU campus at the North Fields and knew without a doubt that this valley is a gem. We enjoy the character and tranquility of the North Fields so much. They provide room to breathe and an open expanse to stir the imagination. The discussion during that meeting was much like it is now. How can we protect our precious open space and balance landowner’s property rights to develop? We now realize the impacts of choices made years ago. We need to make decisions today that plan for continued growth in a smart way and protect our little valley from being completely overrun. To have a prosperous and fulfilling future we must learn lessons from our past and make the hard decisions now.

It is now time to serve the community in another way, as a member of the Heber City Council. I am invested in the direction of Heber and want to make sure we plan for a better future. Kristi and I are so grateful for the years we have spent here. Heber is a beautiful place to live, it is our home. Heber is full of amazing people who have jobs, families, and dreams. We are grateful to be counted among our neighbors and friends as citizens of this great valley. It is important to preserve the things we value for generations to come. We truly have been blessed and my deepest desire in service is to give back to the community that has provided me with so much. I have no conflicts of interest serving on the city council. I am interested in creating opportunities to bring people together with a unified vision of Heber as we move into the future.

With wise preparation I am optimistic and anticipate the wonderful experiences that will come to Heber. Thank you for placing your confidence in me to represent you on Heber's City Council.

D. Scott Phillips

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