We have seen our elected officials be quite targeted the last several years with a lot of hateful and negative communication. We have also seen a lot of politicians driven by personal and financial agendas that don’t seem to consider the impact on freedom and citizens. How can the community balance keeping our elected officials accountable for their choices with respecting them enough that we don’t have the only candidates be those that are greedy for power or their own agendas?


It is a responsibility for every member of our community to serve those around us in any way possible and being an elected official is no different. I have no conflicts of interest in running for this office. This is an opportunity to serve the Heber community as we go through some growing pains and consider difficult decisions about our future. We are at a critical point, we need a voice that encourages decisions to improve life for us, our children and the next generation. I encourage everyone who speaks ill of elected officials to run for office or serve the community in another capacity. This valley has so much compassion and a desire to do good. We live together, work together, eat together and serve each other. Being part of a small community is what makes Heber wonderful. Don’t look for what you believe to be an individual’s weakness, try to see their willingness and desire to serve the community. It is important to see the good in each person.