The overwhelming majority of Heber Residents want to reclaim main street and our city center as a vibrant, walking downtown. To accomplish this we need a Heber Valley Parkway. This has been discussed for over 30 years and we are quickly running out of time to implement a solution. UDOT is currently doing the EIS and will ultimately determine a route. The city can encourage this to be a beautiful bypass by incorporating berms and trees to hide or obscure the road from neighborhood views. We can potentially have a trail from dam to dam and increase access to the Provo River and the North Fields preservation corridor. This is no longer just about truck traffic, Heber is a crossroads to several outdoor recreation destinations from Utah and Salt Lake counties. The weekend traffic is horrible. The Envision Heber 2050 plan incorporates a beautiful walking downtown with planted medians and parking to enjoy the shops and restaurants. It will also create the opportunity for memorable experiences that visitors and locals alike will come to time and time again. The parkway will bring more business to Main Street, not divert it away. A bypass would be a major step towards the goal that residents have resoundingly said what they would like to see.