My commute has changed through the years as I'm sure yours has too. The first several years we lived here there was very little traffic. I remember coming into town and rarely needing to stop on my way home as Main Street was not as congested then as it is now. Center Street was still narrow and 1000 South did not yet exist. As we all know growth has brought more traffic and there are several issues that need to be address in order to fix the the problem. It is a privilege to discuss and debate the solutions. We will most likely have an opportunity to plan and build a bypass road in the next few years. If we seize the opportunity now, this could be a beautiful road built with open space and trails in mind. Heber can reclaim Main Street and, as part of the downtown redevelopment plan, make sure the area is pedestrian friendly with parking, trees and thriving businesses. I love to look at the opportunities ahead. We can learn from past oversight and move forward creating a better future.

Scott Phillips


Running for City Council in Heber City, Utah