When we built our home in 2005, we were on the outskirts of town. There was a large field between us and Highway 40 with a small trailer park off in the distance. I loved the country feel as I drove home from working in the city to find respite and seclusion here. Since that time Wal-Mart, a new road (1000 South), several apartments, multifamily units, and homes on postage stamp lots now fill that empty field. I attended meetings when the plans for the Oakwood homes development were being approved. I gave input as well as heard from other concerned citizens on the size of the lots and petitioned to have a spare lot used for a park. The developer listened to our concerns and plans were adjusted. Taking part in that process and seeing the final product is very satisfying. The lots that front 600 West are larger than originally planned and the recommended park is enjoyed by the residents.

Scott Phillips


Running for City Council in Heber City, Utah